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is currently working for the University of North Carolina basketball team coach Roy Williams, led the team to beat the Syracuse University in the days after the first NCAA coaching career wins reach 800 wins, ranked ninth in the NCAA level at. Roy Williams served as a college coach for nearly 40 years, when the Michael Jordan is because he (then assistant coach) recruited into North Carolina University, in this moment of glory Michael Jordan also prepared a gift to give coach, by Jordan Brand's offer is to build a wooden Commemorative Set, in addition to the outer cover laser engraving nets and 800 words, this box inside and outside with and Roy Williams coaching career related personnel, such as he coached the team logo, North Carolina and University of Kansas career twice NCAA championship, the eight broke the four race, the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame... And so on, and the inside is a pair of Autographed Air Jordan 1 Retro Low 'Pinnacle' with Michael Jordan, congratulations on the coach to reach his new milestone. , look at the faces of Michael Jordan's North Carolina elementary school boys and know how surprised they are, XD , Priceless, gift (and, player, reactions), from, #GOA cheap foamposites T 2, 3, to, RW, celebrating,, wins,, @jumpman23: @tarheelphoto A, photo, posted, by, UNC, Basketball (@unc_basketball), on, Jan 17, 2017, at, 6:32am, PST source: Nike released last week? Carmelo Anthony? PE at Syracuse University after the color shoes and a player to launch a very memorable PE color if, in order to commemorate Chris Paul? For the contribution of his alma mater Wake Forest University decided to retire? Chris Paul and Jordan Brand Jersey,? To? Chris for Paul Wake Forest University PE color shoes, its color except black and gold on behalf of the school in addition to the heel also have school for vamp also have Chris Paul? In his alma mater to add all the heroic deeds of memorial. source: solecollector? The in the year July 6th is independence day, I look forward to every year the brand will be big tricks, after all, red, white and blue can conjure up a combination of limited, how to create a new work in finite element, can require considerable design skill. In this year's PUMA Clyde 'Independence Day' on the occasion, this let us count for nearly three years? Special style PUMA independence day as the United States launched, every year to see different between the s cheap jordan shoes for men tyle, or change the fine. 2017-PUMA Clyde 'Independence Day' is not a negative American flags with white shoelaces on? Suede, shoes side three dimensional embroidery across with luster and texture, sleek lines and Clyde cursive words echoed, tongue label also implanted with transparent images of stars and stripes, finally in the bottom end, 2017? PUMA Clyde 'Independence Day' will recently launched, interested friends can pay more attention to. 2016-PUMA Suede? 'Independence Day' PUMA Foamstripe standard will be divided upper arc color design, this year added gray and overall clever sense of weight, not too heavy, in addition to the diversity of colors, the huge stars also enrich the upper visual effect, one can directly identify the distinctive theme image. , 2015-PUMA, BASKET, STAR, Independence, Day are red, blue two color shop on two pairs of PUMA BASKET shoes, and presents the stars to contour marking method looks simple at the brand is full of heart, at the end of this year is more mixed color characteristics, irregular block arrangement did not give people messy feeling; to? STAR shoe is white with the show, punching Foamstripe retained the original large at the end of the bit t Cheap air jordan 12 ovo o outline the texture, Star shoes rarely appear more topics. source: The, Drop, Date / Kicks, On, Fire / Sneaker, News North America's top sports brand Under Armour for consumers to provide the best quality of running equipment, in particular in the end of this month launched specifically for runners tailored "UA SPEEDFORM?" Appollo shoes, to break the traditional shoe-making law, new shoes specially designed a lightweight, stable, meet the pursuit of sense of speed consumer demand, or provide the pleasure of. runner's brand new experience, UA, SPEEDFORM, Appollo? "UA" Under Armour SPEEDFORM? Appollo uphold excellence consistent, more than previous design shoes, particularly well and garment factory cooperation, with a new UA material to build innovation era row sport shoes. The UA special material innovation uppers, lightweight and flexible, fully fit, a foot second layer of the skin, do the best to help runners for each of the movement; "UA SPEEDFORM?" Appollo uses the world's first seamless heel cup, the heel and the shoe body are integrally formed, like as the Holy Grail of supporting feet. , UA, SpeedForm, Apollo, Preform, RC men recommended price: NT$4280In addition to the , " cheap jordans for sale mens UA SPEEDFORM?" Appollo used ultrasound to precise in welding technology, and comfortable design, give full feet fit coat, let runners feel natural feet without cabined feeling. Finally, light weight and speed sensitive MICRO G? In the end, 4D Foam? Can achieve perfect shock-absorbing insoles properties and accelerate perspiration function, make the movement comfortable fit and zero friction, began to make the runner dashed to enjoy the most shocking experience. UA SpeedForm Apollo women recommended price: NT$3680Air Jordan 1 Retro will be sold at a particular store tomorrow, and some stores will have to sign today. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Wuchang sports 23 a smile sports sports Frederick source: Nike, Incadidas Ultra Boost Uncaged is increasingly available for sale in foreign countries and is now expected to be available in 6/29 for a wide range of colors. 's fascination with Boost has not yet been watched by so many people since its debut on Energy Boost. The reason may be that the TechFit material use cheap jordans for sale d by Energy Boost is more prone to the appearance of motion orientation, but since then the foundation for Boost has been able to see its advantages to this day. Then, when the Ultra Boost debut, Primeknit charming tonality for a pair of jogging shoes, put on the popular, fashionable style, with the original motion analysis of shock absorbers, become one of the favorite collocation shoes. Of course, Ultra Boost did not stop the offensive, previously reported the current version of Uncaged has been determined to be in the end of the month sale abroad. Remove the plastic side of the original side, so that shoes like the shackles of the beast out of bondage, to show the characteristics of Primeknit, but also to create a real feeling like socks. according to the current mode of view, it should be followed by a number of colors, I believe that for the favorite of those who are very excited about the operators. source: theshoegame / kicksonfireThe phrase " plans never change," is not only true in life, but even for shoe money. The 2004 Athens Olympic Games, as usual to be optimistic about the U.S. team frustrated, eventually finishing only third bronze awards, had spread out the squad, man Retro jordans for sale y are entering the League to players, thus resulting in the international arena, the lack of experience can not fight back, but also in the array and Iverson is a senior player in the Allen. In order to stabilize a top three position. Iverson is the first and last time to play on behalf of the state, so that the outcome is a pity, as before to enter the hall of fame, the media began to review all throughout his career, and is also the 2004 Olympic story to tell. Iverson was used in the game is Reebok Question 2, if the gold into the war, Reebok will launch a so-called "Gold Medal" version, but unfortunately it is not time and again, for this result we can only accept. After many years, the share of Question Kicks through Nice is the sample of "Bronze Medal", so why do not they sell it? In fact, the reason is simple, for the bronze medal is not the best result of the United States, but also makes it directly canceled the listing, now again exposure, but also allows us to appreciate the works of 2004. The blue color and the HEXALITE window is estimated from India stripe Flag of Greece inspiration, followed by the change during the Olympic Games 4, and followed by the use of metal foil wit Retro jordans for sale h the previous sale of the Question toe, there are many differences. source: Nice Kicks, if you're a fan of AJ, you'll be very happy and looking forward to it, because recently, Jordan Brand has officially released 5 autumn sneakers, ! , they are all based on the classic Air Jordan 5 different colors, new release, belong to the "Five for fall" series. talking about these 5 shoes color, it is inspired by Jordan's wonderful air dunk, 5 colors for: red, blue, white, black, camouflage. , and we can rest assured that the current 5 Air Jordan 5 sale has been determined, ! Air Jordan 5 "Flight Suit West" has been on sale in July 1st, number 136027-602, $190 you Air Jordan 5 "Cement" will be on sale in August 5th, No.: 136027-104, $190 you Air Jordan 5 "Camo" will be on sale in September 2nd, No.: 136027-051, $190 you Air Jordan 5 "Flight Suit East" will be on sale in September 30th, No.: 136027-401, $190 you in addition, with the design of the same clothing shelves together! Full of expectations of everyone, please pay attention to the sale time, oh, ! [B] every Monday said that in 2017 so far the most fire combat boots, non Nike PG is 1. although the price is not high, but cheap jordans online the current situation, many colors are being all increase panic buying! The took out a few pieces of small prefer only far view color together with you YY! wood was finally a beauty to cry? I just don't debut that peak! to review the answer The answer Nike PG 1 1.George Hill 2.Willie Cauley-Stein Nike Hyperdunk 2016 3.Marc Gasol 4.Karl-Anthony Towns Jordan CP3 X 5.Chris Paul 6.Joe Johnson 7.Victor Oladipo//Jordan Extra.Fly 8.Vince Carter//Nike Air Max Audacity 2016 9.Dirk Werner Nowitzki//Nike Air Max Premiere 10.Tyler Ennis//Jordan B.Fly 11.Lance Thomas//Nike Air Max Sensation 12.Will Barton//Under Armour Charged Controller 13.Mike Conley//Air Jordan 31 14.Josh Richardson//Air Jordan 13In fact, weekly small awkward is very hard to find the subject but we are not actively involved in response to is not the topic is too simple? is too red too small? no way, life goes on only for small brains to Bianzhuohuayang to please you who wore what the two pairs of shoes? you you you you you you only for This topic is 〉in the upcoming playoffs stage, although the Losangeles Lakers are still struggling for eighth seeds, but Nike still released a Kobe 8 Cheap air jordans for sale Purple Gradient new color. This double Kobe 8 Purple Gradient to the very eye-catching color is purple, added gradually laminated design features unique, with purple ink lines decorated in black on the bottom of the details, in addition with silver Nike logo and heel Kobe warrior Shield logo, definitely worth Kobe fans attention. This pair of Kobe 8 Purple Gradient has not yet been further follow-up news, shoes fans, please look forward to. as a rare Jordan hybrid works, Jordan Spizike has been very popular with everyone. Over the years, the first year of Jordan Spizike color is about to usher in the re engraved. Remember when it first came out of all criticism, but time proved its value. This Jordan Spizike OG will be on sale in August 9th, we pay more attention to Oh.12 month 28 days, is full of Wuhan ceremony, completion, East Lake green road reconstruction of Zhongshan Avenue open street, Metro Line 6 officially opened, Xiongchu Avenue BRT officially put into operation, the airport subway line opened... High streets and back lanes are bursting with happiness. however, these two days, Xiao Bian's circle of friends has been the place to brush the screen street and Zhongshan Avenue Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping opened with regression Cade new public park, the two day, or with expectations, or memory, or curious Wuhan to here. saw: the most ceremonial opening Street celebration, 28 day also prepared a micro dream cake free delivery, a door is to celebrate the sense of ceremony. go further inside, already crowded with everyone, everyone from the crowd. The theatrical festival brings people back to the excitement of the big stage at once. would pinch the clown of the balloon to attract the bears to stop, Xiao Bian wanted a Transformers, and was refused mercilessly by clown brother. heard: the most cross-border green orange Festival becomes the new public park to create a green orange culture special inter dimensional music the meeting of wind and clouds. a two dimensional "adorable girl" 6 big strength band detonated atmosphere, show the most individual, unique youth music. The Voice of China popular student Liang Junnuo airborne scene, bright throat singing hi. meets: the chic market of Wuhan craftsmen floor atrium and two floor terrace distribution market is Wuhan tide spit, crafts people's paradise, even wacky retro exquisite glutton snacks. Stores will also tell you intimate story of goods, unlike selling, more like a friend made a friend. : initial Hugo workshops and meal time zone is a new species of people crossing the border, and one is a new food area. No one was disappointed by the expectations of all sides. 1919 meal time zone has been known for a long time, finally see the true face of Mount Lu, brought together more than 30 special delicacy Qi opened, is part of a king meal eat delicacy street. "you missed it all," , you need an upgrade to comfort me! - - - - 50 percent off: eat delicacy minus eat - - - - two days ago to join the small fun, even if the first day of the opening no discount, or was the scene of queuing surprise. opened the first day of the platoon long carbon at log open design style and creative jewelry ornaments, style full of fun, the most important is the main beef frog shrimp and charcoal Yuanyang pot, pro test! Knock seven! chic chandelier design, the boss said that this is his pro autotrophic fish pass through Han Feng's Chongqing hotpot - at , I heard the waiters are pretty handsome guys, MAX , bite down!The sports news Beijing time on April 23rd, the NBA2016 - 2017 playoff season to play as heroes like a raging fire, and signs are repeated game, each team superstars in the playoffs, burst out the unmatched energy, Russell Westbrook, led the mononuclear guards change life, Isaiah Thomas of grief, commander of the armed forces, Dwyne - Wade laojifuli, sir, Kevin - Durant, the return of the king wins the champion, Paul George, the lone hero fearless, James harden, central plaza. These players want to know what foot boots in the playoffs? Quick to see it now. Russell - Westbrook Oklahoma City AirJordan30hybridize31PE is the first in the regular season stage beyond the "O" Oscar - Robertson guards three double record success gods "three double king" turtles "- Russell Westbrook. in the first round of the playoffs, fate is very main competitors occasionally arranged for him he met his regular season MVP James harden the Houston rockets, though not in the overall strength of the opponent is hitting the big score of 2 to 0, Westbrook is still the "firm and in thirty thousand, a sword of light cold nineteen delta the unruly teenager, he still carry the team on his shoulders, as the original general won three consecutive double, super 51+10+13 data obtained in second games, is in the third hit back led win, the young in a dark born tribute. Shoes, Westbrook still do choose the cross section of the AJ30.5, as well as his hate, controversial, but increasingly controversial people love. James harden Houston rockets AdidasHardenVol.1 "Home" PE said Westbrook, come to talk about his main rival in the regular season MVP James harden. Young people two former thunder, gradually becomes super giant take charge as chief of appearance, but also with the Western giants star, it is hard to avoid the other brothers. If personally, said Westbrook is thunder, that harden is fire. Harden not only can wanton cut points, the most important is to be able to serve as the engine to drive the team's offensive, unlike Westbrook may just fierce competition style, harden wisdom is clever break jack. Day Dehuo hook, make this series of magnificent, personal heroism acme, against the representative team, the outcome is still difficult. Shoes, to choose the color brother home court harden generation, as the city and wanton play, the shoes of the color the same passion. Lebron - James The Cleveland Cavaliers NikeLebronSolider11PE said Xi Zhan, come to talk about Dong zhan. In spite of.

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