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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? American legendary motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson likes to call himself a lifestyle marketing company. They do not include the advertisement data to prove the mechanical properties of Harley-Davidson's how good, but will ask you emotionally:? If you can re-choose life, that you are willing to ride a Harley-Davidson to see the sunset it?? Faced with such a wonderful meeting, I believe few people would say no, but if the question becomes, "Would you like to see the sunset soccer shoes to wear it?" Answer "yes" people must be crazy. & nbsp; & nbsp; & Retro jordans for sale nbsp; This is the most concentrated in the World Cup of gunpowder a competitor - common problems - Adidas and Nike. Before the World Cup in Germany, Nike predict their 2006 football product sales will reach 1.5 billion US dollars, Adidas football results predict their growth rate will reach 30 percent, more than 1.5 billion US dollars. Since Nike entered the soccer market since 1994, the gap between them and leaders in this area between Adidas rapidly shrinking, but both the world's largest sporting goods companies have to consider how to beat the competition, but also consi cheap jordans for sale mens der how to make Football obtain the status of "world movement" in the global sporting goods market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; data Sports Equipment Industry Association (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association) showed, in 2005 the United States basketball shoes reached $ 2.1 billion in sales and is 16.8 times that of soccer shoes. Despite being called "football desert," the United States is an extreme example, but football market is clearly still a lot of space. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Trevor Edwards, Nike's vice president of global brand in the Wall Street Journal interv cheap foamposites iew, he said that even if you do not like football, you will love the look, style and where meaning. This is revealed in the Nike basketball get. Summer of 1984, from Adidas, Nike was still feather boy grabbed the hands of Jordan, and in the past has changed the traditional basketball shoe features light weight design, the introduction of the "night" series of shoes. Jordan's success not only to basketball into family life in the United States, but also in the world, Nike sold countless beautiful "night" basketball shoes. Although few people are willing to wear the average pr Cheap air jordans for sale ice reached 150 dollars "night" basketball shoes when playing, but people still happily jump into these shares dress trend, enjoy a pair of shoes to bring their identity & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2004 years ago in Portugal European Cup, Nike noted that millions of young people around the world will organize temporary football game in the street, so they developed specifically for this group Total 90 street soccer shoes. At the time, Adidas CEO Herbert? Heiner stubbornly accuse opponents' attempts to put this business model is transformed into a way of life, "as a professional Retro jordans for sale soccer league to participate in more than half of the professionals, even reluctant to admit they Heiner football products. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, before the World Cup began, Adidas spokesman Evan Wiener said:? "We believe that competitors will spare no effort to do the same thing with us." Whether it is known for its innovation in the Nike or rigorous, professional, known for Adidas, they are trying to reach more consumers through new channels of communication, and even people who do not like football. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike this year's slogan is written cheap jordans for sale in Portuguese, "playing nice", they not only invited the former French soccer star Eric Cantona in a series of provocative advertisements global blood youth, but also specifically established for this purpose website - similar to football theme online community, fans can create their own dream team, with other people to play against, or watch a soccer video. According to Nike said, the site will increase every eight seconds a new user, until the end of the World Cup, there will be several million registered users. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? ". A TV ad wi Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ll be able to impress the consumer is no longer possible," Trevor Edwards, referring to Nike's "360 degree" marketing strategy He said that, for those seeking entertainment and stories fans, meaning the online community is greater than TV advertising. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as FIFA (FIFA) partner, adidas their traditional strengths to play to the extreme. Nike's headquarters in the United States, ABC and ESPN television during the World Cup will be played only Adidas advertising, billboards competitors will not appear on the streets of Germany. "Our brand will be everywher Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e." Weiner said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this is not enough. Adidas also built a miniature Berlin's Olympic Stadium, which can accommodate 10,000 fans to watch the game on the big screen; tissue +10 Challenge youth football activities on a global scale; their billboards appear on xbox platforms soccer game; Previously, they had to provide all levels of soccer in the United States match test site for fans of shoes, try, football games and other all-round experience. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas for the World Cup in Germany in TV commercials shot, two Brazilian children w cheap jordan shoes for men ith "rock, paper, scissors," the big players elected to form their own team. This ad has two ends, one of which is in full swing on the occasion, my mother stuck his head upstairs to greet the children home for dinner. Adidas ads when so lived?More photos of item: 414571-115 : KD7 Lifestyle will sell this black version on November 22nd. Its uppers are covered with black leather, textured, and the white crystal doesn't know how to add luminous effects This shoe item 653871-001, interested friends pay more attention. Nike in 2005 when the "Pink Box" in the shoebox, p cheap jordans online ink with black Swoosh Logo is known as the most stylish shoe, while the Nike Nike Dunk Low SB will also be used to make. The Nike Dunk Low SB "Pink Box" is also made with pink as its main theme, with black Swoosh Logo. Besides the shoebox logo, the entire pink shoes are reflective materials. Each tide brand in recent years have launched Pink or Dirty Pink color products, and this pair of shoes color has such a story background, seems to be more can not buy, November 25 shelves day, really want to pay close attention to.In 1997, Michael Jordan jazz lore team in the NBA finals first, and then introduce the Air Jordan 12 as the first generation of double positive shoes on sale in China, Jordan 12 Air naturally have more memory for the mainland plot. The Jordan Brand engraved the new color of "The Master", will become the recent hot shoes. Inspired by Michael Jordan for the year Nike shooting classic posters, whole shoe money retained Air Jordan 12 simple at the same time, the use of black leather shoes design overall build, line side is clearly visible, another white design at the end of "JUMPMAN" and become the important details, of course "Logo design gold buckle and tongue where becomes necessary. It is reported that the "Air Jordan 12" The Master "will be officially on sale in February 27th, will not miss. text: Repeat source: Nike Just after 2015, the harvest of "72-10" you may have started to guess at the end of this year Air Jordan XI in the end is what color engraved, today it was released as network said "Space Jam" may have arrived. Although this news is indeed surprising, but frankly, in the final analysis is true or false, but also the need for rational analysis. If the Air Jordan XI "Space Jam" is to be released this year, is also a reason according to, because 2016 is just "Space Jam" on the 20th anniversary anniversary, in this way the natural tribute but from the news broke no ground for blame; the time from the end of early, and the figure of Air Jordan XI "Space Jam" in 2009 the engraved version has no obvious difference, so it should be a kind of prediction. Although I do not know the Instagram users in the end is where sacred, but to have such exposure to believe that Sneakerhead is a thing to look forward, we should continue to pay attention to the follow-up reports we bring you.

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