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: the Hongkong company, which invests in a factory in Foshan, applies for the Clean Production Partnership Scheme with a maximum HK $190 thousand subsidy. Foshan - Hongkong cleaner production seminar held yesterday to encourage Hong Kong enterprises to apply for funding, a number of invited experts, business leaders also on-site exchange of cleaner production experience. the seminar was organized by the Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region government, the environmental protection agency and the Hongkong productivity council. maximum HK $190 thousand to finance it is reported that in April this year, the Hongkong SAR government to promote the practice of clean production of Hong Kong enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, developed a 5 year "cleaner production partnership, investment of HK $93 mil cheap foamposites lion, funded enterprises on-site assessment, to carry out demonstration projects and verify the effectiveness of improvement projects. As long as the investment and construction enterprises in Foshan, after the application, you can get the appropriate funding, up to HK $more than 190 thousand." "This is the first time that Hongkong has promoted the clean production partnership program in Hong Kong's Foshan enterprises," said Ma Jianxiong, senior adviser to the environmental management department of the Hongkong productivity council". : at present, there are more than 5000 Hong Kong enterprises in Hong Kong, half of them are productive enterprises, and enterprises involved in metallurgy, leather, hardware, printing and dyeing, textile and other heavy polluting industries are as many as more than 1000." Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of foreign trade Xie Weixiong said, these enterprises also exist backward, we Retro jordans for sale ak technology, and promote enterprises to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of the use of cleaner production, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. enterprise cleaner production concept to be updated however, some enterprises have outdated ideas and misunderstandings about cleaner production. "Many enterprises regard cleaner production as cleaning, and most enterprises do not understand cleaner production before the verification of cleaner production."." Qu Zhixian, head of Foshan economic and Trade Bureau, said that corporate leaders' understanding of cleaner production is particularly important because they are often the sponsor, organization and regulator of cleaner production. general manager of Foshan Hong Yu Environmental Technology Co., Yang Aimin also believes that the enterprises to do the clean production as to cope with the behavior of the government, the Cheap air jordan 12 ovo result is to spend money to do the work surface, but there is no benefit from. Cleaner production is different from the end treatment of pollution prevention, it is possible to all kinds of pollution from the source to the end of treatment; it is of high cost, and easy to produce two pollution, but the clean production is to reduce costs and bring economic benefits from the point of view, to optimize the production and management of enterprises, and adapt to new requirements the society for environmental protection. ) the policy of restricting imports by the government of Ecuador has a major impact on the development of its footwear industry. The data show that the first four months of this year, Ecuador imported shoes totaled $35 million 800 thousand, compared with the same period last year's 46 million 100 thousand U.S. dollars, down more than 10 million. Ecuador international footwear and accessories exhibi cheap jordans for sale mens tion on July 5-6, held in Quito, Ecuador, the footwear industry chamber of Commerce said last year, a total of more than 70 shoe manufacturers exhibitors, domestic business turnover of US $5 million. This year, with the government's favorable policies, the turnover is likely to climb another high. the government of Ecuador has actively developed industrial restructuring strategy; introduced measures to restrict imports of some products; at the same time, in order to ensure the implementation of the strategy, some sectors of the industry were given financial support. Up to now, the n (La Corporació Financiera Nacional) has invested or made loans to the domestic garment and footwear industry for the upgrading of equipment and technology in these industries. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)This season CLOT series of joint a wave after wave, the new found the famous street brand CLSC cooperative, re integrat cheap jordans online ion in West Street culture, in a wide range of clothing, design team injected a lot of very strong design such as "sucks to suck" interesting, "69", CLSC CLA and clot and CLSC signatures emblazoned with the logo, full of the spirit of the two brands of rebellion and supporters not to be missed. X CLSC CLOT series will be available in November 27th in the JUICE shop and CLOT shop sales. Source: HYPEBEASTrecently, the European Commission rapid alert system for non food (RAPEX) released in 2012 ninth bulletin, Wenzhou "5th Avenue" brand leather shoes surface was notified six chromium exceed the standard, 2400 pairs of shoes were destroyed, the loss of 3 million dollars. Wenzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the relevant export enterprises, should pay close attention to the export of leather products six chromium content, speed up the improvement or adjustment of leather process. six price chrome exceeded 2400 pa Cheap air jordans for sale irs of shoes were destroyed , the European Commission's non food fast alert system, publishes weekly warning notifications to the outside world. The notification is normally communicated to the European Commission by Member States of the European union. in the agency's ninth issue this year, a shoe manufacturer in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, "5th Avenue" brand lady leather shoes, the system was informed of the six price chromium exceeded. Informed that, at present, 2400 pairs of shoes have been destroyed, loss of more than 3 U.S. dollars. it is reported that there are 9 cases involving six valence chromium in this bulletin, the raw materials of these products are all leather, including 5 cases of gloves, 3 cases of footwear and 1 cases of belts, and the notification countries are mainly germany. six chromium is a highly toxic inhalant / inhalation toxicant that may cause sensitization to skin contact. It is more likely to ca cheap jordan shoes for men use genetic genetic defects, inhalation may cause cancer, and there is a persistent risk to the environment. Six chromium compounds have carcinogenic effects in the body, can cause other health problems, such as runny nose, sneezing, itching, nasal bleeding, ulceration or perforation of nasal septum. China Leather Association reminded to avoid trade barriers The report released after the Wenzhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to respond in the first time, and to remind the relevant export enterprises, should be six chromium content of leather products exports high attention, accelerating the improvement or adjust the tanning process, to prevent the residual toxicity of six high chromium. At the same time, strengthen the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials management, select qualified material suppliers, and strengthen the purchase inspection gatekeeper. Wang Hailong, a spokesman for the AOKANG sho cheap jordans for sale e industry in Zhejiang, said that the leather itself does not contain six chromium. The Wenzhou shoe prices were found in the EU six chromium prices exceeded, may be in the leather processing process of other raw materials generated. Wang Hailong said, since the abolition of the Chinese leather anti-dumping tax, China Leather Association of leather products enterprises warning, should strengthen the product quality control, in order to avoid the EU through other ways, trade barriers to domestic leather export enterprises. however, Wang Hailong also said that the EU has not yet heard of the domestic leather enterprises take large-scale measures, "just because the individual enterprise does not meet industry standards, and the EU to take measures." (editor in chief: Qiu AI) just past June; Quanzhou's exports reached a single month high. Total exports of $516 million 800 thousand rose by nearly 50% over the same perio Retro jordans for sale d last year. The city's foreign trade and economic conference held yesterday showed that in the first half of the year, Quanzhou made new breakthroughs in foreign trade, import and export, foreign capital utilization and foreign economic cooperation. according to the latest data by the foreign office, 1-6 months, the city exported $2 billion 236 million, an increase of 26.27%, higher than the average growth rate of 4.8 percentage points, 786 million dollars of imports also exceeded the average growth rate, growth of 10.39%. From the average export prices, textile, clothing and shoes Quanzhou two big fist products export prices were increased by 12% and 15%. The market, the United States and Japan, Europe, Hongkong and ASEAN's five largest traditional market exports accounted for about 60% of the city, an increase of 28% emerging market exports to achieve a breakthrough. the use of foreign capital also hit Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping a new high of 1, in June the city's contracted foreign capital $2 billion 32 million, an increase of 74.6%. In addition, in the first half of this year, Quanzhou also achieved foreign labor service cooperation with a turnover of US $11 million 520 thousand, and 6 enterprises successfully "went to sea". At present, a total of 66 overseas investment enterprises have been approved. the meeting pointed out that the second half of the year, I will conform to the national export tax rebate policy adjustment, accelerate the transformation of industrial upgrading and transformation of the growth mode of foreign trade, and guide enterprises from the number of export oriented "to" export benefit oriented ", to overcome the impact of the implementation of the use of foreign capital in traditional industry the new income tax law, for heavy the use of foreign capital, new energy and other emerging industries project implementation and the implementation of landing, ensure that the annual target. Vice mayor Chen Rongzhou attended the meeting and delivered a speech. in the first half of 60 ultra ten million U. s.dollars project settled in Quanzhou, the total investment of large foreign projects soared 4.56 times big project has become a powerful engine for foreign capital utilization in Quanzhou". The first half of the year, 60 millions of dollars over projects settled in Quanzhou, bringing the total investment of $6 billion 326 million, an increase of 4.56 times, creating a new record in the use of foreign investment in large projects. new industry and a new Changyuan the use of foreign capital. Among them, Fujian joint petrochemical project total investment of 4 billion 963 million U. s.dollars, to LED light spot products, electronic chip and other products based electronic information industry, the introduction of contracted foreign capital 71 million 500 thousand U. S. dollars. Two major factors jointly wrote the excellent answers to the foreign capital utilization in the first half of this year: in 1-6, 300 new foreign-invested enterprises were granted, and 68.7 of the total foreign investment was invested[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] from the sale of Umbro, Nike and Umbro lead to disputes regarding the agents made new progress. North China's largest distributors of Zhengzhou Umbro Unicorn Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhengzhou Unicorn") to Beijing Daily, told reporters that Nike has begun to take the initiative to contact the agent and the agent's demands submitted to the Nike headquarters, said agent traders said, although Nike have not yet come up with specific initiatives, but Nike has been a change in attitudes to keep things peaceful settlement of hope. Zhengzhou Unicorn Leader Wang told Beijing Daily reporter, from the beginning of December last year to solve the problem in consultation with Nike, but Nike will sell after Umbro, Umbro and agents approached division disbanded, the two sides AC was stalled. Nike initiative for a change of attitude to solve the problem, Wang believes that both sides hope things toward a good direction. Although Umbro has been gradually withdraw from the market, but for Umbro Wang still have confidence that this is still a valuable sports brand. However, in accordance with the contract, Zhengzhou Unicorn agent Umbro brand was the bottom end of the month, but Wang said, Nike aspects allowing it to continue to sell Umbro product. Up to now, Umbro disk access Yikangnisi group do not have any contact move. Wang said it has begun to contact Yikangnisi Group. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)

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